#229 Creating the life you want through new neural pathways, following destiny and LIVE ThetaBreathwork session with Bea Boas
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This week I’m joined by the lovely Bea Boas, an Brazilian native turned Texan that leads breathwork for a business mastermind I’m part of. She combines an interesting mix of theta healing + breathwork + vision.   She shares how she started her personal journey at the age of 12 after her grandmother died reading The Law of Attraction.   Now she serves entrepreneurs, helping them do the internal work that makes the difference.   We discussed Thetahealing®, changing behaviors and beliefs, science of calming the brain, bold action and BEST OF ALL, Bea takes us through a 15 minute breathwork session.  You can find Bea at beatrizboas.com and https://www.instagram.com/beatrizvb/ You can find Christa at https://www.instagram.com/anti.inflammatory.nutritionist/ and www.christabiegler.com and find all our recent happenings at https://www.christabiegler.com/links   ABOUT THE GUEST:   Beatriz helps high performing biz owners to take aligned action and create massive impact and income through personalized Thetabreathwork™. After working for almost 10 years in the marketing industry with successful brands, including Mindvalley, created her coaching business and own cutting-edge healing method using Thetahealing® to clear energetic patterns, and subconscious beliefs, and breathwork with hypnosis to fire new neural pathways for sustainable behavior change. This unique formula accelerates trance-induced states to heal unprocessed emotions from the root and take intuitive action.
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