#233 Want to fix back, hip, knee pain, shin splints, plantar fascitis, bunions or avoid surgery? Start with the foot and biomechanics and also hiking boots with Dr. Kelsey Dobesh, athletic trainer and DC
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This week on The Less Stressed Life Podcast, I am joined by Dr. Kelsey Dobesh,  chiropractor, and certified athletic trainer. KEY TAKEAWAYS: What biomechanics is and the importance of movementWhat is a functional foot How does foot health relate to back, hip, and knee pain  The root cause of Plantar Fascitis, Bunions, Shin Splints & what treatment looks like GUEST SHARED HELPFUL TIPS ON: Where to find athletic trainers & movement-based practitionersHow to promote foot health dailyFoot shaped shoe recommendations ABOUT GUEST: Kelsey Dobesh is a Chiropractor and certified athletic trainer. She works as an Adjunct Professor at Dakota Wesleyan University, where she teaches Biomechanics to the Master's in Athletic Training Program. She's owned by a business for almost nine years. She is passionate about biomechanics and movement of the human body, especially the foot and ankle! WHERE TO FIND: IG: @drkelseydobesh.  FB: @Dr. Kelsey Dobesh, DC, ATC, MS Website: www.dobeshchiro.com.  WHERE TO FIND CHRISTA: https://www.christabiegler.com/ On IG: instagram.com/anti.inflammatory.nutritionist/ Shop our Favorites christabiegler.com/shop Loving the podcast? Leave us a review and ENTER OUR GIVEAWAY NOW! Sharing & reviewing this podcast is the BEST way to help us succeed with our mission to help integrate the best of East & West empower you to raise the bar on your health story. Just go to https://reviewthispodcast.com/lessstressedlife SPONSORS: A special thanks to our VIP sponsor RUPA Health, our lab concierge service that helps our clients get standard bloodwork 2/3 off retail direct to consumer lab test pricing. Let them know I sent you when you sign up for your free practitioner account.
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