#234 Inspiration amidst trial, tribulations, fighting insurance companies and cancer with Viki Zarkin, the lone survivor of Stage 4 metastatic cancer for the past decade
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INTRO:  This week on The Less Stressed Life Podcast, I am joined by Viki Zarkin. In this episode, Viki gives us an INSIDE view of living with cancer for over 10 years. We don’t always get a happy story with cancer. My conversation with her inspires us to know that you don’t have to settle with how you’re doing.  KEY TAKEAWAYS: {2.17} Viki’s Diagnosis Story{16.25} Being an advocate for her own health during her cancer treatment journey{21.11} Advocating for her treatment coverage with the medical insurance company{26.32} Importance of having strong support systems when dealing with a cancer diagnosis{29.04} Impact of stress & how to combat the stress barrier  GUEST SHARED HELPFUL TIPS ON: Symptom journaling as an effective way to work with doctors to help them gain insights for faster diagnosis and treatments so you can be your own advocate for your health.How to advocate for your treatment with providers and the insurance companiesHow to mitigate stress when dealing with your diagnosisThe importance of following your gut  Viki inspires women to change the way they have been programmed to think and emphasizes the importance of starting with young women on how to believe in themselves, challenge the status quo, find their voices and listen to their hearts. She has written a book titled, “I Am the One.” Her story is not limited to just cancer. She speaks about doctor-patient relationships, nutrition, the appreciation of the “little things in life”, the juggling of motherhood, cancer, and effective ways to work with doctors advocating for listening before diagnosing in the treatment rooms which will help women follow their instincts regarding their own health care and much more. Viki’s can-do attitude inspires people to think differently in their everyday lives; by applying her unique thought process, deals can be made in a boardroom just as easily as they can help people through their cancer battle. ABOUT GUEST: Viki Zarkin was diagnosed with cancer in 2011, has been living with Stage 4 metastatic cancer for over 10 years, and is the only person in the world alive with this aggressive illness.  She was diagnosed in her 40s when her doctor first told her to go home and get her affairs in order and at the time, she had 2 small children at home. Viki spent the next several years fighting for her life, advocating for herself, navigating through the healthcare world, and following her gut.  Today, Viki is a beacon of hope for others, she’s a motivational speaker and coach on a national level and a successful author. WHERE TO FIND       : Website: https://iamtheone.com/  Socials: https://www.facebook.com/iamtheoneviki,  https://www.instagram.com/iamtheone_viki/?hl=en Book: I Am the One WHERE TO FIND CHRISTA: https://www.christabiegler.com/ On IG: instagram.com/anti.inflammatory.nutritionist/ Shop our Favorites christabiegler.com/shop Loving the podcast? Leave us a review and ENTER OUR GIVEAWAY NOW! Sharing & reviewing this podcast is the BEST way to help
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