LKS Outside: At a pre-party for the Rugby
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Hello. I went to a pre-party for a rugby match. Basically, it is just a party that happens before people get really into a sport. I had a good time though. Wow, the people i met and spoke to were eclectic. Brazilians A CEO of a finance company Someone who got robbed in South Africa A Penetration Tester An Auctioneer Someone who did not want to kiss me   See for privacy information.
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Hello. Here is the second part of the recording at One Life Cafe in Dubai. It features another Omer Taha conversation (You will need to watch the YouTube video to see it) but also deep meaningful conversations with: Auntie Reem The biggest fan of the podcast, Mubarak The owner of One Life...
Published 05/16/23
Hello. I am back with another episode. At this point you will probably say that I am inconsistent - I really am. I hope that changes. Anyway, here is an episode with me in Dubai in January - that is months ago. I am so grateful for all the friendships I have in Dubai but more importantly the ones...
Published 05/08/23
Published 05/08/23