This episode… lllz express her gratitude of being able to start a season 2 to her podcast!
Published 07/05/21
This is the final episode for the the first season of “Let’s chat with LLz”! It’s such a blessing to give insight to our listeners. This episode we speak about workplace triggers!!!
Published 03/01/21
This episode speaks about the potential colleagues that land a job but don’t have any experience.
Published 01/23/21
What is your purpose? How far do you go to find that purpose? Is it conflicting?
Published 01/09/21
This episode speak abt the history or background of how Let’s chat with Llz derived. What to take away and expect from past and upcoming episodes!
Published 01/02/21
In this episode we spoke about not getting relatable support at home. Not being able to speak about your working experience with your love one unless they can relate. Suck it up is not the solution!!
Published 12/22/20
Identifying assholes in the workplace.... and being a temporary A*****e instead of a certified one!!
Published 12/06/20
llz spoke about her anxiety she experiences every week, dealing with the pandemic and communicating more with love ones.
Published 11/15/20
Defining gas lighting in the workplace. How does a gas lighter affect the victim? What can a victim do to overcome a gas lighter!!
Published 11/10/20
Published 11/03/20
Published 11/03/20
This episode is a small discussion about bullying at work. Gas lighting
Published 11/03/20