Two previous guest of our Let’s Gut Real Podcast, Dr. Drossman and Johannah Ruddy, join us again today to talk about their newly released book. Gut Feelings: The Patient's Story Personal Accounts of the Illness Journey A Guide for Patients and Doctors Gut Feelings: A Patient’s Story. Now available on Amazon.   Dr. Drossman received his M.D. degree at Albert Einstein College of Medicine and subspecialized in biopsychosocial medicine and Gastroenterology. He received his gastroenterology...
Published 11/08/22
Did you know that it is more common to have anxiety and depressive symptoms if you have IBS compared to if you don’t have IBS? This week I interview dietitian Heidi Staudacher to discuss how patients can often end up in a vicious cycle where they have gastrointestinal symptoms that lead to mental health problems and then that further leads to more gut symptoms. Heidi Staudacher is an accredited practising dietitian and has had extensive experience in the clinical management of people with...
Published 10/11/22
Although the etiology of primary sclerosing cholangitis (PSC) is poorly understood it is a progressive disease characterized by inflammation of the bile ducts. This week I interview RD Brittany Roman-Green and we discuss primary sclerosing cholangitis, its relationship to ulcerative colitis and what the current research says about it. Brittany Roman-Green is the founder of Romanwell and is an IBD focused registered dietitian nutritionist, certified personal trainer, and behavior change...
Published 09/13/22
Enzymes are important for any living organism and play a huge part in the day-to-day operations of the human body. Enzymes provide a number of very vital processes – not only for digestion but for the nervous system, muscles, and many other important bodily functions. This week I interview Anjie Liu and David Hachuel creators of FODZYME® to discuss how digestive enzymes can specifically help with IBS symptoms. Co-founded by Anjie Liu and David Hachuel, MPH, Kiwi Biosciences is a...
Published 08/09/22
Diet culture has a profound impact on our beliefs about nutrition and health. It can impact our behaviours and may lead to disordered eating which can have far reaching impacts on our bodies ability to digest food and further lead to uncomfortable digestive symptoms. This week I interview Jessica Begg, RD on how emotional eating and binge eating influences our digestive symptoms. Jessica Begg is both a Registered Dietitian as well as a Registered Clinical Counsellor. Jessica’s double...
Published 07/12/22
With diets like keto and carnivore gaining traction, I've had many people ask - what impact do plants specifically have on our microbiome and human health?  Today I interview Dr. Veronique Braesco, Dr. Petra Louis, and Dr. Ian Rowland, researchers that have contributed to the latest scientific update summarizing the impact of plant-based diets on the gut microbiome and published through the Alpro Foundation. The Alpro Foundation has been a scientific platform for over 25 years dedicated to...
Published 06/14/22
Research around digestive health is constantly changing, and it is one of those areas where we don’t necessarily know all the answers. This week I interview RD Abby Langer on fighting nutrition misinformation and debunking some popular digestive health claims. Abby Langer has been a Registered Dietitian since 1999. Abby is passionate about all aspects of nutrition, from physiology to teaching to cooking. Her approach to nutrition is permissive and relaxed, and she is a true believer in...
Published 05/10/22
Concussions can have a profound impact on our brains and are not always the result of a direct blow to the head. This week I interview Erik Bustillo, RD on concussions, what they are, how they impact the brain, how they can happen, nutrition supported recovery and the impact they can have on mental health. Erik Bustillo, MS, RD, FISSN, CISSN, CSC, CPT practices as a Registered Dietitian, Strength Coach, Fitness Trainer, and Health Coach. He attended Florida International University and...
Published 04/12/22
Our diet, the balance of our gut microbiome, and fibre intake can have significant impacts on our digestive health and disease outcomes. This week I interview Dr. Genelle Healey on the use of exclusive enteral nutrition (EEN) treatment for IBD patients. Dr Genelle Healey undertook her PhD in Nutritional Science at Massey University in New Zealand. Her research looked at what influence habitual dietary fibre intake has on gut microbiota response to a prebiotic (fibre) intervention. Prior to...
Published 03/08/22
Were you recently diagnosed with celiac disease? Having celiac disease can mean something different for each patient. There are many different symptoms and yet some people may not experience any symptoms at all. This week I interview RD Selena Devries about different ways to advocate for yourself if you have been diagnosed with celiac disease and helpful ways to encourage your transition into eating gluten-free. Selena Devries is a registered dietitian from BC Canada.  She completed her...
Published 02/08/22
It’s not always easy to identify what may be causing infant colic or infant allergy reactions. Infant food sensitivities are common and can result in projectile vomiting, reflux, mucousy/bloody stool, and more - which can be very distressing to parents and lead to unnecessary dietary restrictions. This week I interview Dr. Trill Paullin on Infant Food Sensitivities, how they arise and what we can do to help manage them Dr Trill is a Molecular Biologist and mother to two daughters who...
Published 01/04/22
Feeling full, nausea and vomiting are all symptoms of gastroparesis, yet other gut conditions can present like this too – so how do we know which it is? This week I interview Dr. Linda Nguyen on gastroparesis and other digestive disorder look-alikes like IBS, functional dyspepsia, cyclic vomiting syndrome and how she works with patients to improve their quality of life.
Published 12/14/21
IBS, a functional gastrointestinal disorder, is not well understood by the medical community. Encouraging patient centered care while taking a psychosocial approach to treatment can be immensely beneficial for the outcome. The psychosocial approach to patient care, which looks at both the psychological and social aspects of a patient’s life, impacts a patient’s symptoms and overall quality of life.
Published 11/09/21
Did you know, how you experience bloating can say a lot about what is going on in your gut? Bloating and distension can give us clues as to what is going on in your gut and how to best help! This week I interview Tamara Duker Freuman, RD on IBS symptom language and why it's KEY to understanding what bloating means. Plus, we cover different gut disorders and how bloating and distension present in each - getting clear on how to discuss bloating and determine best strategies for care.
Published 10/12/21
Pseudoscience and misinterpretation of research help to spread misinformation about dairy in the media. In addition to this misrepresentation, diary is a highly debated food due to the lack of connection between consumers and the agricultural industry. Does it contain hormones? Does it cause inflammation? People fear what they don’t understand or know about dairy.
Published 09/14/21
Ever notice how negative thoughts can impact your gut symptoms? Many times, our circumstances and how we experience them influence our gut symptoms leading to hypermotility (IBS-D) and other people experience it as hypomotility (IBS-C). Learning to re-frame a negative experience can help to manage IBS symptoms.
Published 08/10/21
Digestive symptoms in eating disorders is common. Does one influence the other? This week I interview Rachael to discuss how restricted eating influences gut motility, and can worsen digestive symptoms – and how that can create a vicious cycle in disordered eating!
Published 07/13/21
Now more than ever, mental health and behavioral health are important. Working with a GI psychologist is typically short-term, but significantly helpful in improving your quality of life, coping with stress and decreasing the severity of your GI condition. Today, I interview Dr. Megan Riehl who is a GI psychologist who specializes in psychogastroenterology and anxiety related-disorders.
Published 06/08/21
IBS doesn't just effect the child, but the whole family. Diet is one tool to help manage this condition in kids, and many times we see the Low FODMAP diet as a first line approach. But should we be using the Low FODMAP diet in kids? Julia Celestini, RD and I discuss how and when to properly use the Low FODMAP diet in paediatrics.
Published 05/11/21
Probiotics, sugar, fermented foods, candida - what do we need to think about when it comes to our gut microbiome? Dr Megan Rossi debunks the most common digestive myths she hears!
Published 04/13/21
Did you know, the way we've framed bodily issues as separate from our mind has shaped (and stigmatized) how we treat patients? Dr. Drossman shares his immense expertise on neurogastroenterology and disorders of the gut brain interaction (DGBI)
Published 03/09/21
We’re often sold an idea that the solutions to our health problems have to be complex and cutting edge - often misinterpreting the science on the gut microbiome. How does this fit in patient care?
Published 02/09/21
What are some conditions that look a lot like irritable bowel syndrome but actually aren't? Kate explores conditions that can masquerade as IBS and often lead to prolonged digestive symptoms - and the importance of understanding IBS is a real diagnosis as well!
Published 01/12/21
Food made in a lab using microbes? It's happening now! New tech can be scary and none of us are immune to being mislead or adopting a belief based on misinformation.  In this episode Chana Davis, PhD and I discuss new and exciting food technology using microbes, and how improving scientific literacy can help to shape the conversation around food technology!
Published 12/01/20