Eating Disorders & Digestive Disorders - What's the Overlap?
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Digestive symptoms in eating disorders is common. Does one influence the other? This week I interview Rachael to discuss how restricted eating influences gut motility, and can worsen digestive symptoms – and how that can create a vicious cycle in disordered eating!
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Pseudoscience and misinterpretation of research help to spread misinformation about dairy in the media. In addition to this misrepresentation, diary is a highly debated food due to the lack of connection between consumers and the agricultural industry. Does it contain hormones? Does it cause...
Published 09/14/21
Ever notice how negative thoughts can impact your gut symptoms? Many times, our circumstances and how we experience them influence our gut symptoms leading to hypermotility (IBS-D) and other people experience it as hypomotility (IBS-C). Learning to re-frame a negative experience can help to...
Published 08/10/21
Now more than ever, mental health and behavioral health are important. Working with a GI psychologist is typically short-term, but significantly helpful in improving your quality of life, coping with stress and decreasing the severity of your GI condition. Today, I interview Dr. Megan Riehl who...
Published 06/08/21