What are some conditions that look a lot like irritable bowel syndrome but actually aren't? Kate explores conditions that can masquerade as IBS and often lead to prolonged digestive symptoms - and the importance of understanding IBS is a real diagnosis as well!
Published 01/12/21
Food made in a lab using microbes? It's happening now! New tech can be scary and none of us are immune to being mislead or adopting a belief based on misinformation.  In this episode Chana Davis, PhD and I discuss new and exciting food technology using microbes, and how improving scientific literacy can help to shape the conversation around food technology!
Published 12/01/20
Your microbiome plays an important role in your immune system and nervous system development, and can help or hinder our health long term. Can we use gut microbiota testing to tell us about our health and disease states? And where is the research going? I interview Colin Hill, Ph.D to answer these important questions and tell us what our microbiomes say about us!
Published 11/17/20
Bile acid diarrhea is a common cause of diarrhea in patients with IBS and IBD. Currently, our diagnostic tools are unaccessible and often, therapeutic trials with bile acid sequestrants are used in the diagnosis. Dr Robert Battat shares his research with a new diagnostic marker, C4, in the diagnosis and management of B.A.D., leading to more targeted care for patients.
Published 11/03/20
EDS is a rare connective tissue disorder that can drive many digestive symptoms. Hannah discusses her journey with digestive dysfunction, how it lead to developing an eating disorder as a way to control her symptoms, finally being diagnosed with EDS, and how she came to practice in cognitive hypnotherapy through her own personal journey when she had exhausted all medical management options. 
Published 10/20/20
Did you know? Your skin has its own microbiome that influences this important organs overall health and has been connected with acne, eczema, and psoriasis. While less populous than the gut, the skin microbiota plays an important role in our health. This week we talk about what we currently know about the skin microbiome, the gut-skin axis, and future research with microbiologist Elie Knaizeh.
Published 10/06/20
Resistant starch is something we get a lot less of in the diet, but plays an important role as a prebiotic, as well as exerting benefits to our health by way of the gut microbiota. This week I interview Solnul's Jason Leibert and Dr. Jason Bush on their research around resistant starch.
Published 09/22/20
The gut barrier plays a key role in our immune system and chronic inflammation. Desiree Nielsen, RD and I discuss how important nutrition and lifestyle factors influence our gut barrier and immune system function, and how restrictive diets can be harmful to our health!
Published 09/15/20
Today I have Kara Siedman here to chat with us about sucrase isomaltase deficiency (CSID) and discuss overlap with IBS presentation. Once thought of as extremely rare and only diagnosed in paediatrics, CSID is being found to be more prevalent than we once thought. With symptoms overlapping with IBS, learn how the conditions are similar, and how to move through helping patients find the right diagnosis.
Published 09/01/20
Today I interview Dr. Kelly Peterson on the role pelvic floor, abdominal muscles, and diaphragm play in digestion and digestive comfort - an often under recognized contributor to digestive symptoms & bloating!
Published 08/18/20
Today I interview Dr. Kumkum Sarkar Patel on gut motility in functional gut disorders, what normal motility is, and how and why this changes in pregnancy.
Published 08/04/20
Joanna and I talk about how food chemical sensitivity often presents like IBS but is unresolved with typical IBS interventions. In addition, these patients also have extra-intestinal symptoms. We discuss salicylates, glutamates, and amines as well as other sources of food chemicals, and gaps in the current literature around food chemical sensitivity.
Published 07/21/20
This week I interview Renee Simons, RMT on her massage and visceral manipulation work with patients with digestive disorders. In particular, we highlight a discussion around polyvagal theory, that can be applied to massage practice to enhance patient wellbeing and symptoms, especially in functional gut disorders.
Published 07/07/20
Are all fermented foods probiotics? Learn the important difference, and how to include them in your diet! In this episode of Let's Gut Real, I interview Dr. Bob Hutkins and Dr. Mary Ellen Sanders on the important difference between fermented foods and probiotics, and how we can use and recommend these sources of microbes!
Published 06/23/20
I interview Dr Suzanne Devkota on her research on the gut microbiota and inflammatory bowel disease (Crohn's and colitis) and the role our diet plays in fostering a healthy microbiome, and possibly reducing the incidence of IBD. We also discuss how microbial changes have been implicated in the pathogenesis of IBD, including the theories around microbial extinction.
Published 06/16/20
Dr Armin Alaedini and I discuss non celiac wheat sensitivity, its symptoms, how the immune system is involved, current progress in developing diagnostic tools, the role the gut microbiome might play, and practical recommendations for clinicians who suspect non-celiac wheat sensitivity in their patients.
Published 06/02/20
Which diet is best for your gut microbiota? Andrea reviews the literature and ranks the paleo, keto, vegan and Mediterranean diets for gut health! Tune in to learn which diet may take best care of your gut!
Published 05/19/20
How does self compassion play a role in healing from digestive disorders and living your best life? Justine Dowd, PhD talks about * How to connect the mind & body through mindfulness * How 'making friends' with your digestive health problem can change the outlook of your disease and aide in getting better * Self-compassion to help with management of digestive struggles - how to practice it and what her research found.
Published 05/05/20
Dr. Parnell & I talk about what runner’s diarrhea is, how runner’s gut influences motility of the gut, how to 'train' your gut, and how the gut microbiota may play a role in the symptoms runners experience!
Published 04/28/20
Simone Withecomb is a clinical research coordinator in GI currently working on the IMAGINE study – which is looking at the interactions between the inflammation, microbiome, diet and mental health in patients with inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) and irritable bowel syndrome (IBS). Through her personal struggles with IBS, she became passionate about how she could help patients who are diagnosed with gut disorders.
Published 04/14/20
*the podcast will be changing to every other week during the COVID-19 outbreak due to my interviewees busy schedules* Jessie is a registered dietitian with a PhD in nutritional sciences. Her graduate work researched the effects of nutritional components and environmental factors on gut health and cardiovascular disease. We talk about her research on PCB's (polychlorinated biphenyls) and influence on the gut microbiota in animal models & what people should know about dietary pollutants.
Published 03/31/20
I've been getting an overwhelming amount of questions about COVID-19 and probiotics, IBD, IBS, and immunity. I wanted to take some time to answer these in a simple way for our listeners. The information was recorded March 19th and therefore, statistics and recommendations may change - always check with your doctor.
Published 03/19/20
Dr. Heather Finley is a Registered Dietitian nutritionist specializing in functional and integrative approaches to reduce gastrointestinal symptoms and mood issues by addressing the root cause and addressing nutritional, lifestyle and stress related factors. Through her own journey with GI issues, Heather turned one of her biggest struggles into her passion and has helped hundreds of individuals find relief from gastrointestinal issues and live their best lives symptom free.
Published 03/10/20
Dr. Ali Rezaie is a gastroenterologist and epidemiologist out of Los Angeles California who practices in and researches irritable bowel syndrome, motility disorders in patients with inflammatory bowel disease and does population-based data analysis. He runs the Rezaie Lab out of Cedars Sinai and has published over 60 research articles in peer-reviewed journals and works have been cited more than 4,000 times by other scientific journals.
Published 03/03/20
Kristina Campbell, a science and medical writer from Victoria, Canada, is co-author of Gut Microbiota: Interactive Effects on Nutrition and Health, and author of The Well-Fed Microbiome Cookbook. She covers the field of microbiome science and gut health, aiming to cut through the hype. Her work has appeared in online and print media throughout Europe and North America, and she currently holds the position of contributing editor at Microbiome Times. We discuss 2020 trends for the gut microbiome.
Published 02/25/20