Lesson #007, Tuesday
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Italian Spelling = English Sound a = ah e = ay i = ee o = oh u = oo c (before e or i) = ch c (before other vowels) = k ch = k g (before e or i) = j g (before other vowels) = g (as in go) gh = g (as in go) gl = lli (as in million) gn = ny (as in canyon) h = always silent r = r (a single r should lightly rolled or trilled; a double rr is strongly rolled or trilled) s = s (but pronounced as a z when it comes between vowels) sc (before e or i) = sh sc (before other vowels) = sk sch = sk z (beginning of a word) = dz z (within a word) = ts zz = ts and sometimes dz
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parlare = to speak io parlo = I speak tu parli = you speak (informal) Lei parla = you speak (formal) lui parla = he speaks lei parla = she speaks noi parliamo = we speak voi parlate = you speak (plural) loro parlano = they speak Inglese = English Francese = French Spagnolo = Spanish ...
Published 11/30/18
libro = book penna = pen matita = pencil carta = paper quaderno = notebook or planner sedia = chair luce = light finestra = window scrivania = desk pagina = page porta = door
Published 11/29/18
Change the 'o' to an 'i' to make it plural: amico = friend, amici = friends Change the 'a' to an 'e' to make it plural: chiesa = church, chiese = churches Change the 'ca' to a 'che' to make it plural: banca = bank, banche = banks Change the 'e' to an 'i' to make it plural: studente =...
Published 11/28/18