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How much stuff do we really need? The answer to that will be different for everyone, but the point here is that there is a massive difference between genuine need versus wants, and much of the stuff we own (or are encouraged to buy) falls into the ‘want’ category… which is fine, until it has negative effects on your life in terms of clutter, financial challenges and even, potentially, hoarding (or just an inability to let go of stuff). How do you deal with stuff in a healthy way? Well, that’s what I’m covering this week in this week’s episode. So, let’s talk about mental health! Join my mailing list for episode transcripts and audio every Sunday and my weekly mini-newsletter every Thursday at: https://letstalkaboutmentalhealth.com.au/subscribe/ ► For more Let’s Talk About Mental Health content, visit the website: http://www.letstalkaboutmentalhealth.com.au ► Watch the latest episode of Better Mental Health on YouTube (Dealing with challenging family members) here: https://youtu.be/0I-B6FNffNI ► For more practical advice for better mental health, check out YouTube for Better Mental Health — new videos every Wednesday with exclusive content not found anywhere else (covering different content than this podcast). Head to: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCRcDaNPu8ciQuAwoH6c0zKQ ► Find full transcripts for this and all past episodes at: https://letstalkaboutmentalhealth.com.au/episodes/ ► Follow Let’s Talk About Mental Health on Instagram for daily content at: https://www.instagram.com/ltamentalhealth/ Let's Talk About Mental Health is a weekly podcast full of practical and simple ideas for better mental health by Jeremy Godwin that draws on quality research as well as personal experience. It's about much more than just talk; each new episode focuses on practical and simple things that you can do every single day to improve and maintain your mental health and wellbeing. Discover the podcast all about better mental health and join listeners in over 150 countries around the world. Let's Talk About Mental Health. Because the more we talk about it, the easier it gets. #managingstuff #mentalhealth #wellbeing #happiness #improveyourmentalhealth #personalgrowth #selfdevelopment #mentalhealthpodcast #mentalhealthpodcasts #selfhelp #selfcare #wellness #depression #anxiety #ltamh #letstalkaboutmentalhealth #jeremygodwin #bettermentalhealth ⚠ Warning: Contains occasional mild coarse language.
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