Don't Mess With the Data: Virginia Burkett on Louisiana's Vanishing Coastline
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In the first episode of our fourth season, Jay sits down with renowned scientist and IPCC author, Virginia Burkett, to talk about technology, its pitfalls and its promises for a water-secure future.   Burkett is the Chief Scientist for Climate and Land Use Change at the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS), where she’s worked for over three decades. She is based in Louisiana and is an expert in global change and low-lying coastal zones. We also get an update from Jay after a busy summer and a sneak peak at the season ahead. Here is The Deutsche Welle German Documentary, which now has nearly 4 million views in English alone, and the "Water" episode of Last Week Tonight with John Oliver that Jay mentions.   If you have any ideas, questions or comments for our new ‘Ask Jay’ segment, email us at [email protected] and you may well hear Jay answer your question in an upcoming episode.
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