Clarity of What is Time Management - EP13
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What is Time? What is time management? How to actually manage it? We are always short of time? How to balance work life with family friends? Is it too difficult? In today's podcast, Let's talk clarity of Time, let's jump in. This podcast Lets talk clarity is about how to transform your career, how to increase your productivity & how to achieve life fulfilment. Today I am sharing the second pillar of career transformation. I am Rakesh Mathuria, Founder Life 2.0 & Career Transformation Hub   Coach, Author, Speaker and Career Transformation Expert. To book free Clarity Call - Clarity Call Join my VIP Facebook group - Career Transformation Hub Click here for free ebook for 5 tips for managing time and be super productive - FREE EBOOK Visit website -
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What is listening? When we listen, most of the time, we listen to reply. There is great importance in just listening, sometimes all you have to do is just listen. Listen to your spouse, your friends, your kids, your boss, your colleagues, just listen, just understand what is behind the words....
Published 07/29/21
Inspired by Farhaan Akhtar I still remember the day when I watched the movie Bhag Mikha Bhag, that was my transformational moment, yes, it all started with the Bhag milkha bhag movie. I was inspired and motivated to take care of my health. I was inspired by Farhan Akhtar , yes by Farhaan and his...
Published 07/22/21
Why do we work? Why do we go to the office and work tirelessly? To have enough money in the account so that we get happiness, so that we enjoy life.  However in this whole rut, we are actually spending our whole life chasing money & happiness. We started to work to get happiness &...
Published 07/18/21