The High 5 Habit with Mel Robbins
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Stress, Anxiety, jealousy and Self hate is UP these days… We are ALL feeling it. We know we HAVE to shift but it has not been easy to do so, The advice we have been given is not working. Things like like “creating I am Mantras”  Does Not work b./c we don’t believe them! “Creating a structured morning routine” Makes sense on the surface, but leads to more feelings of failure when we don’t do it right. When we do not like ourselves, everything in our lives suffers. Relationships, our work and our gals. Mel Robbins is one of the leading voices in personal development and transformation Her work includes the global phenomenon The 5 Second Rule, the upcoming The High 5 Habit,  Today I go DEEP with Mel on ALL of these topics. Her advice on how to shift ourselves and our children is priceless. After you listen to the episode make sure to join her FREE Challenge HERE In this episode, you will learn: What is the High 5 Habit How to begin self-love How you can use this to help you and your kids
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