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Sometimes we simply can't be f**ked. For a range of reasons, we're not 'feeling' it, we're not in the zone, and motivation and inspiration are nowhere to be seen. Or felt. But... is it possible to be productive, proactive and effective in the middle of our 'can't-be-f****d-ness"? The answer is...
Published 06/09/23
Just before I recorded this impromptu, completely unscripted episode, I had some sh*t go wrong and if I'm being honest, my response was less than optimal. I didn't walk my own talk. Clearly, I have a way to go! See for privacy information.
Published 06/08/23
When it comes to personal transformation, some people are great at the theory, the idea and the intention but somewhat sh*t at the execution. Always talking, never doing. See for privacy information.
Published 06/07/23