Filling Your OWN Cup with Dr. Shivani Barto
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How can I start turning my passions into my career? What do I do if my dream career doesn't seem to exist? This is exactly what our special guest Dr. Shivani Kamodia Barto discussed in this week's episode. Shivani is a dentist, yoga teacher, and multi-passionate person who knew she was never going to be a traditional dentist. She recently took the leap to leave her clinical practice (temporarily) and go all in on her business creating wellness retreats for women in healthcare. She is a living example of the fact that we can't just sit around and wait for our dream career to smack us in the face, we have to intentionally CREATE it.  Listen in as Dr. Barto talks about how to clarify your purpose and create a cohesive vision as a multi-passionate healthcare provider. She discussed what it really feels like to live your purpose, practical steps you can take to transition from full-time clinical practice to pursuing your side gig, and the importance of integrating mindfulness into your everyday life throughout the process.  To learn more about the Alma Ser Retreat click HERE! Links: Connect with Dr. Shivani Barto on Instagram WORK WITH CHELSEA: Private coaching: 3-6 months of private coaching to help you find a career that’s the right fit for YOU personally OTHER RESOURCES: 5 Days to Career Clarity: FREE mini-course to help you discover your next career steps. Bye Burnout Starter Kit Identify the 10 most common energy drains contributing to your burnout and create an action plan for change. Life After Medicine FB Group Connect with a community of like-minded healthcare professionals seeking career change support Residency Drop Out: My #1 Amazon Bestselling e-book about how I quit my medical career to travel the world and work remotely. Career Transition Planner A step-by-step guide to changing careers without the overwhelm Find me on social media for more daily content! Instagram: Facebook: LinkedIn:
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