Tragedy in Moe. Part 1
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It was 22 years ago that the death of Jaidyn Leskie captivated the nation. Andrew Rule outlines the crime and investigation into his disappearance. Subscribe to the Herald Sun for Andrew's columns and podcast companions.
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The sad tale of Margaret Clement is a melodrama that starts in the gold rush, and stretches up to modern times. Andrew Rule outlines a sorry tale of eccentric sisters, callous crooks and a gruesome find. Subscribe to the Herald Sun. Go to and click on any article...
Published 05/23/20
The story of the Great Bookie Robbery is a well-told tale - including by this podcast. What's less talked about is the very real possibility that a police officer helped the crooks get away with their crime. Andrew Rule reveals the chief suspect. Read Rule's feature on the crime at...
Published 05/15/20
Andrew Rule and sports journalist Jon Anderson come together to remember Darby McCarthy, a champion jockey who was the victim of a historical injustice on the track. Become a Herald Sun subscriber. Go to and click on any article to begin.   See for...
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