Life Gives you what you need- Reprogram and press start-Anything can happen-You are the key to all doors-The power of life
Published 05/24/23
Speaking and thinking must be accompanied with action and beliefs, to shift your reality is to adjust your programming.
Published 03/26/23
Why are you so afraid? Overcoming mental blockage, understanding fear, become unstoppable and remove fences.
Published 03/12/23
Beauty Standards are fake-Pay attention to your surroundings-Quality people-No junk food-New Shift-What I dreamed about?
Published 03/05/23
-Pushing the F*** N*** narrative -We are tired of the lies- Celebrities pushing the agenda- Black families matters- Healing starts from home
Published 02/26/23
A fresh new start- Living too much in your head-Relocating?-People all up in your business-Traveling alone & much more
Published 02/19/23
-Do you have wedding money? -Phone on DND -Putting myself first is bad?-Going After your dreams is scary-
Published 02/11/23
Privacy is luxery, when doing too much goes wrong , new year same me, let’s talk about it.
Published 01/29/23
Friendships can be deadly? Choose the right people, create your tribe, be aware
Published 11/23/22
How perceptions plays a major role in defining our realities… what’s the perception you have of self and life?
Published 10/22/22
Stop living in the past, to move forward you have to evolve, life will always win
Published 10/04/22
We strive and succeed when by doing what we love. What are we here to be and do?
Published 09/08/22
Let me reveal you a secret about creating your own peace!
Published 09/01/22
You have to tools to overcome anything, you are the creator of your reality
Published 07/06/22
Prayer is powerful, Learn how to pray not to recite.
Published 05/30/22
Happiness is a matter of choice, we cannot strive by surviving, we strive by living.
Published 04/18/22
Remember who you are when your mind doesn’t, change is good, allow abundance to flow
Published 04/04/22
New month, New shift, Story time
Published 03/03/22
Allow life to flow
Published 02/10/22
Through the shift we find the way to go, take charge of your mindset, make the most of your higher self
Published 01/04/22
Closing the year and opening a new season
Published 12/04/21
The choice is all yours, it’s time for new beginnings, who are you?
Published 10/30/21
Positive affirmations, miracles attractions and well being, dive in to your higher self and manifest your new greater experiences.
Published 10/26/21
Don’t listen to the lies and take charge of your own divine existence
Published 10/18/21