Are all parts of Australia COVID ready? A new podcast on coming out, and the viability of tiny living
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How well-prepared are the parts of Australia with low rates of infection and vaccination to face the future of COVID? A new podcast examines the challenges of coming out, and do tiny homes and micro apartments have a future in a post pandemic population?
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Some smokers say vaping nicotine has helped them quit cigarettes for good, but how strong is the evidence for the efficacy and long term safety of this approach? Plus a discussion about the way we consider and treat wild animals, and stories of lust, love and loss from war.
Published 11/30/21
With the emergence of the new Omicron variant around the globe, is Australia doing it's part to contribute to international vaccination efforts? And, if you're planning a trip overseas or inter-state in the not too distant future, how are you preparing before you go?
Published 11/29/21