This week we talk about constant cleaning and coming up with ideas to reinvent our homes as we get increasingly bored of our four walls.
Published 03/03/21
Published 03/03/21
On this week’s episode we chat about awkward introductions, freezing cold baths and our need for a Happy Meal.
Published 02/16/21
Sandy and Ellen are back with a brand new series of Life On Hold. This week we catch up on how we’re finding being in another lockdown and Sandy’s new naughty puppy, Frankie.
Published 02/08/21
In our fifth ep we discuss our favourite television shows, the ongoing hype around zoom quizzes and Connell’s necklace.
Published 05/21/20
In our fourth ep, we chat about the continued failings of the internet and a dodgy laptop. Sandy takes up candle making and Ellen ends up with two jobs.
Published 05/15/20
In our third ep, we chat about failed french exchanges and malfunctioning lockdown basics. Sandy discovers a disturbing toilet noise and Ellen battles with her internet.
Published 05/08/20
In our second ep, we chat about what we've been up to in the second wave of lockdown. Sandy battles her plants and yet another flat pack fiasco. Ellen gets a fright both inside and outside the house. You may never look at your walls in the same way again...
Published 04/29/20
In our debut episode we discuss the ups and downs of the new norm. Sandy tackles flat pack and Ellen's attempt as a do gooder doesn't quite go as planned.
Published 04/22/20