#56: Climate Change: A Comedy of Hope with Issy Phillips
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Climate Change: an unlikely comedy? This week Heidi and Bella spoke with Australian comedian, performer and writer, Issy Phillips, about the intersection between climate change and comedy.  You'll come away with a barrel of laughs, plus a knowledge of: ASMR and how the heck is relates to climate changeHow we could use comedy to cope with climate anxietyHow the media talks about climate changeThat Heidi and Bella's microphones really aren't equipped to do ASMR and we'll leave it to the professionals (much to everyone's relief)Some more useful links to things we spoke about: Issy's TEDx Youth talk 'Could ASMR be the Answer to Climate Change?' Barnaby Joyce embarresing himself on live TV claiming that he 'did not sign' the COP26 agreement, signed by the Morrison GovThe Juice Media's Honest Gov Ad about COP26Thanks again Issy for joining us and you can find Issy on Insta (@issyphillips) or listen to her show on FBi Radio!  Support the show (https://www.patron.com/lifeonplanetapodcast)
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