The Springs
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Epiphany after epiphany in this first episode of season 3 straight out of C. Springs. I share some ideas about what we as a whole should do to fix this meth and heroin epidemic. A few good friends died that were tied to the epidemic and it sparked motivation inside of me to start doing podcasts again. And this is the part of my life that I wanna share because of my want and need to change. I moved to Springs to get better I’m just a Procrastinator but after the deaths of a few good friends I couldn’t remain silent. We as addicts need to be heard our cries need attention. The government needs to step their game up when it comes to fighting this shit before it’s too late. --- This episode is sponsored by · Anchor: The easiest way to make a podcast. --- Send in a voice message:
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Episode 1 of season 2 returning with some more raw uncut heroin addict bulshit shenanigans. Margie and I are at it again and this time we're in the small, secluded bathroom at the BK lounge AKA Burger King. After listening back on episode 1 of season 1 I realized how original and awesome it was...
Published 04/17/21
This episode starts off a little goofy and fun with Margie and I but then ends with some boring ass insight of my experience with quitting and relapsing. There's a few ideas in this episode I came up with that might help us and some listeners with addictions they may have. But overall I'm still...
Published 03/26/21