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Lifers we are mixing things up this week and keeping it fruity bringing you our Thursday's Ask Uncut on a Tuesday. This week we are answering your deep dark and burning questions with a sex twist.... like the girl who found out her bestie had a threesome with her brother and his partner.... WILD. Some other questions we answer on todays ep includes : Help, I slept with my best friend when I was blind drunk and now I don't know wtf to do?! Help, my husband wants to name our unborn baby John - it's a family name, but I'm not into it. Can I say to hell with tradition? If you have a question for ASK UNCUT - slide on into our DM's @LIFEUNCUTPODCAST Join the discussion on facebook in the Life Uncut Discussion Group, and don't forget if you love the pod - subscribe, hit 5 stars and share the love.... because, WE LOVE LOVE!
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