In bed with Australia's highest paid escort - UNCUT WITH SAMANTHA X
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Welcome to your Tuesday Lifers! We're getting a little spicy today! A topic that SO many of us have such an intrigue about, a world that hardly any of us know about; the sex work industry! On today's podcast we are joined by the wonderful Samantha X, Australia's most well known escort. We speak about what the biggest misconceptions of the adult industry are, what kind of things clients request (spoiler alert, it is likely NOT what you expected), the ins and outs of the industry and who the kinds of people that use these services are. Want to know what the average age of woman that her clients request? What do you think the sex is like? Why do you think a woman would get into the industry? Samantha breaks down a lot of our preconceived ideas of the industry and we hope that you enjoy this chat as much as we did! You can find her here: JOIN THE CONVERSATION Join the Facebook discussion group : HERE Follow LIFEUNCUTPODCAST Instagram: HERE If you loved the episode, we'd realllllly love it if you could leave us a review! Share the ep with someone you love because we love love! x x
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