ASK UNCUT - Whats the dress code?
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Happy therapy Thursday Lifers! Have you heard about the new ball bath contraception? No?? Well fear not, you're about to be balls deep in testicle bath knowledge... Today we are jumping into: -I used to be with a narcissist. Now I'm with a great guy and in a healthy relationship; but I'm feeling a bit...bored. Is this normal? I kind of miss the highs of the toxicity -How do I/ do I tell my friend that the outfit she is planning on wearing to my wedding is not okay? -My bridesmaid is dating a guy that my fiance and I don't like. I don't really want him at the wedding but is this going to drive a wedge between the friendship?  This episode is brought to you by Dermaveen. If you suffer from dry, itchy or sensitive skin Dermaveen might just be your saving grace. If you have a question that you'd like answered for ask uncut, slide on into our DMs @lifeuncutpodcast. Chuck us a review, we love 'em, and share the love because we love love!
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