BACHETTE UNCUT - We are back baby!
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WE ARE BACK BABY and it’s BACH-ETTE UNCUT TIME! After the mild success that was Bach Uncut last season with our Kinky Captain, a few of you wanted to hear us squabble our way through this season of the Bachelorette. Matty J is back behind the microphone and Laura is back behind a glass of wine! It is a Bachelorette world first...history making stuff! Australia’s sweetheart Brooke Blurton our very first bisexual, Indigenous lead takes her third shot at love!  Episode one kicks off with a traumatic walk down memory lane where the Honey Badger is thrust back onto our screens and to be honest, Australia wasn’t ready for this yet. But Bachi makes up for this with the most heart warming Welcome To Country and who the hell is cutting onions!!  Next up it’s time to bring in the suitors!  Matt has picked Konrad to win and Laura thinks it’s going to be Darvid… ONLY TIME WILL TELL! Episode one sees some drama over an IKEA chair, and well we all know what a b*tch flat pack can be in a relationship.  Some guy goes home. We can’t remember his name.  Episode 2: Our Persian Pirate prince Darvid gets the first single date, and he scores himself a big old sloppy kiss and a rose. And in true Bach form the first group date is the illusive group photo shoot and it did not disappoint. The cocktail gets a little spicy and Beautiful Beau goes home. We just hope the producers made him delete his camera roll before he left the mansion.
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Welcome to your Tuesday Lifers! Step right up because this is an episode that (according to our DMs) you've all been waiting for! Michael Theo from Love on the Spectrum is joining us today to chat all things like: -his dating life -his experiences of Love on the Spectrum -how autistic people can...
Published 11/29/21
OH MY GOD… It’s our final Bachette episode! Maybe ever, maybe just for the year - we’re still undecided. It’s the second last ep, which kicks off with Darvid meeting Brooke in a kayak (sadly there was no cameo from surf dog bachelor). After a quick paddle, they jump on quad bikes and try to...
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