Big Italian Sausage with Bianca Del Rio
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Bianca Del Rio joins Chelsea to talk about having a man in every port, not letting your career take over your life, and the business of pronouns. Then: A Bostonian cringes at his friend’s bad behavior. A self-deprecator wonders why all his friends seem to tease him too much.  And an up-and-coming comic fears he’ll run into his ex… who’s in the same line of work. * Need some advice from Chelsea? Email us at [email protected] * Produced by Catherine Law Edited & Engineered by Brandon Dickert * * * * * The views and opinions expressed are solely those of the Podcast author, or individuals participating in the Podcast, and do not represent the opinions of iHeartMedia or its employees.  This Podcast should not be used as medical advice, mental health advice, mental health counseling or therapy, or as imparting any health care recommendations at all.  Individuals are advised to seek independent medical, counseling advice and/or therapy from a competent health care professional with respect to any medical condition, mental health issues, health inquiry or matter, including matters discussed on this Podcast. Guests and listeners should not rely on matters discussed in the Podcast and shall not act or shall refrain from acting based on information contained in the Podcast without first seeking independent medical advice. See for privacy information.
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