Motherhood, Balance, and Gratitude With Shannon Missimer
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Hearing Shannon Missimer's story of working towards gratitude, and taking care of yourself first so you can be better for your family. The Motion of Gratitude Our Story of gratitude Topics: (01:02) - Guest introduction (01:46) - Sneaky introverts (03:18) - Shannon's journey to gratitude (10:47) - Putting yourself first to be better for others (19:32) - The two extremes (22:53) - Morning routine (28:15) - How do people experience gratitude? (30:35) - We can rewire our brain (32:28) - Building a business around stepping into gratitude (35:37) - Where can people find Shannon Missimer? Walking bookclub - May-June’s book is The GRIT - by Angela Duckworth. Commit to walking 10 minutes a day and listening to it. That will help you add 1k steps to your day, AND help you learn to tackle the mind games of fitness and life. Join the LiftingLindsay Newsletter HERE to be notified of When we’ll have our Virtual bookclub meetup!All Day Hypertrophy Camp May 20th! I’m so excited to get you confident in the gym with your lifts! Sign up HEREThis is for anyone who has ever wondered if they were doing things right in the gym, or maybe you always feel your low back ache after your deadlifts or squats. We’ll have 3 hours of lecture and 3 hours on the gym floor training. I’m going to teach you all how to train SMART and with INTENSITY!
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