Sarah Duvall, Prolapse, Lifting During and Post Pregnancy
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Meet Sarah Duvall. Her certification program on intra and post pregnancy corrective exercise is one of the best certifications i’ve taken. I am really excited to have her on the show and talk with her a little about her experience with prolapse and her suggestions for intro and post pregnancy exercises. Topics Discussed: (00:10) - Welcome Sarah Duvall (01:19) - What is Sarah Duvall's story? (04:02) - We aren't all prescribed the same process for healing (07:08) - Pressure management (13:07) - What does overloading look like? (16:06) - Do you have to do maintenance? (17:56) - What exercises should people avoid? (19:23) - What exercises should pregnant people stop? (24:09) - Lindsay's story of pregnancy and lifting (26:50) - Responding to the anti-form movement (32:21) - Don't say always (35:22) - Pelvic floor and squats (37:51) - Do we have to stretch? (44:56) - Dealing with diastasis recti (49:20) - Where to find out more about Dr. Sarah Duvall Follow her on Instagram @drsarahduvall. Want optimized training programs? You have enough to think about, let me do all your training programming for you. Sign up HERE for optimized training, no matter the goal. Training programs include home alternatives. I have 3,4 & 5 day programs. You can also upload videos for form reviews done by me in the VIP Facebook group Facebook group includes monthly challenges to take your health to the next level and have a chance to win prizes too!
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