Update on my personal body recomp approach to putting on muscle and drop a little body fat over the past 8 weeks.
Published 08/30/22
How accurate is your watch on calories burned? Will that waist trainer actually reduce belly fat? And how many steps should I be getting daily?
Published 08/23/22
What do you do once your fat loss phase is over?! Listen here to find out how to minimize fat gains post dieting.
Published 08/12/22
Combination moves and Bosu balls and bands around knees - What are their roles in hypertrophy and body recomposition?
Published 08/08/22
Hitting our goals can be a little easier when we have a support system around us, but if we really want something, we are not going to hang everything on everyone around us understanding and supporting our every goal in life.
Published 08/01/22
A breakdown of my next 12 weeks goals and approach. I do want to experiment a little with bodyrecomp approaches for trained lifters and see what can work for my body.
Published 07/22/22
This Episode we break down what a specific muscle building phase of fitness looks like. Whats the hard and easy of this particular phase.
Published 07/19/22
If you find yourself getting off track with nutrition or training, you don't have to wait till 'tomorrow' or 'Monday' or some magical day in the future. Choose to be the person you want to be starting NOW!
Published 07/11/22
You can have a lot of success coaching yourself through fitness. The hardest part is conquering the mind game of it all! Today I'll give you tips on how to do just that!
Published 07/06/22
We work hard for our fitness goals, will surgery, pregnancy, vacations, etc, take all that away from us?
Published 06/30/22
Which are better exercises for muscle growth? Compound or isolation exercises? Should you train a muscle 2x a week or 4x for maximum growth?
Published 06/16/22
Today's episode we breakdown how to set up a successful fat loss nutrition plan, and how to work the energy in, and energy out equation in your favor!
Published 06/07/22
The Science of fat loss is really simple, but then why is it so hard? Today's episode I breakdown the many things the body does without us realizing it that can impact our fat loss. When we understand this it makes it easier to understand why we hit plateaus.
Published 06/04/22
Part 2 of our series on all the things you need to learn about maintenance. We'll be walking you through how to step away from tracking all the time, and learning to trust yourself with mindful eating.
Published 05/17/22
This episode we will begin our 3 parts series on maintenance. We'll break it down and discuss why it's so important, and how to find it.
Published 05/10/22
The most common question I get... Can I build muscle and lose body fat at the same time? Can I have everything I want at once? The answer is....Yes, maybe, and it depends :)
Published 05/03/22
Today we'll be discussing genetics and how it does determine what we look like no matter how hard we work. We also talk about what to do when you feel like you put muscle on your legs too quickly, or what to do if you want leaner legs.
Published 04/22/22
'Working out' a ton, but not seeing the results you want to? Yes nutrition is important, but maybe the type of activities you're choosing in the gym are not leading toward your desired goals.
Published 04/18/22
Are you ending the day without getting close to hitting your macros? Can you spot reduce? You're lifting weights but how come you're just looking bigger and not fitter? Does dieting 'break' your metabolism? All of these answered on todays episode.
Published 04/14/22
Why do we reverse diet? What is the point and how can we go about doing it in a more optimal way for our mind and body?
Published 04/11/22
What is the hype around all the net carb marketing we see on food labels everywhere. Should I track only net carbs, or total carbs? Have you ever wondered why your calories and macros don't seem to match up in MyFitnessPal, or your tracker? It may have to do with net carbs only nutrition labels...
Published 04/08/22
Did you finish your 12 or 18 week cut and still didn't reach your goals? What should you do? Should you increase your calories to maintenance (reverse diet) or remain in the cut?
Published 04/03/22
Hunger is part of fat loss/energy deficit, But why is that? And how can we deal with it?
Published 03/25/22
Review of my most recent 3 month cut. We cover my approach, calories, training, cardio, compliance, as well as the results. I also reviewed when to know it's time for a reverse diet.
Published 03/24/22
Too often women only focus on their emotions when they are menstruating, but throughout a 28(ish) day period our hormones are constantly shifting. These are often referred to as 4 seasons (Winter, Spring, Summer, Fall) These cause shifts within us physically and emotionally. Understanding these can lead us to act in power versus feeling like a ‘victim’ of a period once a month.
Published 03/16/22