Hanukkah: The Festival of Light, The Feast of Dedication, A Thrilling Story of Faith and Grace
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The story behind the Jewish Festival of Lights, is filled with intrigue, fear, war... and then of course, victory. The celebration of that victory gives us the miracle now known as Hanukkah, when a one day of sacred oil to light the Temple Menorah, last eight days. And eight days is significant because it as Moses directed,  also the number of days old an infant must be for circumcision. It's another sign that nothing happens without God's knowledge or Divine direction. But Hanukkah has a lesson for us all: that God is working even when it seems He is not. On this episode of Lighthouse Faith Podcast, Rabbi Motti Seligson, with Chabad Lubavitch, explains how the leader of the Chabad Lubavitch, named the Rebbe, began a campaign in 1973 to elevate the celebration of Hanukkah, to educate not only Jews but the whole of America and the world about the Feast of Dedication. And find out why also, that Hanukkah is extremely early this year. Beginning today, Sunday, November 28th.
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