The Star of Bethlehem Clues in the Bible Reveal its Origins
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For centuries, both the faithful and science-based folks have wondered about the Star of Bethlehem. What was it? From where did it come? Is it a myth, a miracle, or was it natural occurring astronomical event? The Star, as told in the Gospel of Matthew, led the Magi to a little town called Bethlehem, about five miles south of Jerusalem. It was a sign in the heavens that told them a King was born, a King that would be in the line and lineage of King David. Many astronomers believed it was a conjunction of planets. German scientist Johannes Kepler believed it was the conjunction of three planets, Jupiter, Saturn and Venus. But while astronomers today use Kepler's exact mathematical calculations to map the motion of the planets, lawyer and Star enthusiast Rick Larson has taken it many steps further, and has found the link between the Bible's prophecies, the motion of the planets, and the signs in the sky. The heavens do indeed "declare the glory of God," as Psalm 19 announces. In this episode of Lighthouse Faith podcast, Larson gives a synopses of his findings, which are in his film Star of Bethlehem, and his website, which gives even more details of tying God's message to us, to the motion of the planets.
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