America's Path Toward Totalitarianism Coming From the Left: What's a Devout Christian To Do?
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Diversity, equity, and inclusion, all sound like wonderful ideas, except that they have become tools to control schools, government, and businesses. It's the kind of soft power that creeps up on a country, sort of the like the proverbial frog boiled in water. That is what best-selling author Rod Dreher says is happening to America. In his book, "Live Not By Lives: A Manual for Christian Dissidents," he says history is telling us that the land of the free and home of the brave is moving slowly towards Totalitarianism... not from the government but from far-left elements that promote Woke ideology to indoctrinate generations. Think Soviet Union, Cuba, even Nazi Germany. On this episode of Lighthouse Faith podcast, Dreher give examples of his interviews with Christians who fled from oppressive regimes in Europe and came to America to find some of the same things happening here. Things like the pulling down of statues, erasing the past accomplishments of men once celebrated as heroes, controlling the content of news and entertainment. And anyone who disagrees - aka dissidents- is canceled. Dreher says the writing is on the walls, the question is, is anybody reading it? Listen now to understand how to respond to what's happening in the world today.
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