The Dyatlov Pass Incident: Death By Avalanche Or Something More Sinister?
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Nine hikers disappear in the desolate backwoods of Siberia. The Soviet government shuts down the investigation without answers, leading many to theorize what truly happened. Skulls were found smashed. Chests were found impaled by a mighty force. With alien spaceships, thermonuclear rockets, and Yetis afoot, will the truth ever be revealed?
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Satan's Sedan, Demon Dogs, and Anti-Gravity Time-Wiping technology have terrorized Highway 666 for decades. Even after the number changed to US-491, the remnants of the curse still attract the supernatural and unexplainable phenomenons of the long stretch of road.
Published 01/21/22
Dressed as Santa Claus, Bruce Pardo went on a shooting rampage at his ex-wife's family Christmas party, taking the lives of 9 people and leaving 13 children orphaned.
Published 12/24/21
Published 12/24/21