Warren Files: The Exorcism Of The Southend Werewolf
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Bill Ramsey from Southend caught the attention of Ed and Lorraine Warren when he claimed to be possessed by a demonic wolf spirit and in need of an exorcism.
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Published 11/26/21
Australia's most notorious serial killer, born without a sense of smell, hacked his victims to pieces and stored their mutilated bodies in plastic barrels. John Bunting will never truly understand the wretched stench that lined the walls of the abandoned bank vault where he stored the bodies....
Published 11/26/21
Nine hikers disappear in the desolate backwoods of Siberia. The Soviet government shuts down the investigation without answers, leading many to theorize what truly happened. Skulls were found smashed. Chests were found impaled by a mighty force. With alien spaceships, thermonuclear rockets, and...
Published 11/19/21