ListenABLE Bonusode - Accessibility changes to assist the Blind and Deaf
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Even though I'm scared a Technology Totalitarianism I have to admit the advance in accessibility are almost outweighing my irrational fear of a robot takeover. This week's bonus episode or 'Bonus-ode' features our discussions around new AI from Amazon and Apple that look to make many lives easier and more independent. Check out Royal Rehab Lifeworks Read Lucy Webster's full article here: Changing the narrative on disability: Is representation in books getting better? Apple Article: Apple previews innovative accessibility features combining the power of hardware, software, and machine learning Angus' mention of Kindship Follow us on Instagram or Facebook  Check out our first limited edition merch release: From Your Pocket See for privacy information.
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Published 08/07/22
Tim McCallum and his classmates celebrated his acceptance into Western Australia's esteemed "Academy of Performing Arts" (WAAPA) by jumping into the ocean at Scarborough Beach head first. The next thing Tim remembers is that the hands in front of him were motionless and not reaching out to save...
Published 08/07/22
This bonus episode, or "bonusode," has Dylan Alcott and Angus O'Loughlin discussing an article written by Mel Dimmitt What's your experiences with disability support workers? Check out Royal Rehab Lifeworks Full article: 'When you’re the parent of someone living with disability, the right...
Published 07/31/22