#28 - Heath Davidson
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Heath Davidson is the current ranked #6 Quad Wheelchair Tennis player in the world, he’s also Dylan Alcott’s tennis doubles partner and best mate. Together they have travelled the world competing and have a Paralympic Gold Medal to their names but this success didn't come so easy. Heath left the sport and wasn’t seen by Dylan for 8 years. From the age of 14 Heath live alone, comforted by drugs and alcohol, neglecting the family and friends who would one day fill the seats in the arenas he competed in. What was the moment that turned his life around? Enjoy the latest episode ahead of Heaths next attempt at tennis glory at the Australian Open 2021 We also touch on the controversy surrounding the new movie "Music", by Sia, and the fact she had a neuro-typical person play someone atypical. Sia speaks with Sarah Wilson in her new podcast Wild, available at podcastoneaustralia.com.au or wherever you get your podcasts.   See omnystudio.com/listener for privacy information.
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