The Wisdom of Unity | Part 2 - When HASHEM says ”LEAVE ME ALONE”
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The Golden Calf was one of the greatest tragedies of Jewish history. The people temporarily lost their connection with Moshe who represents Daas, the Wisdom of Unity. Nevertheless, Moshe's proper response turned this calamity into higher consciousness and he brought down to the world the 13 Character Traits of Mercy one of the greatest heavenly gifts of all time. Daily this cosmic pattern repeats itself, and especially now, today, the world is going through a very dark challenge.  With Hashem's help this new series intitled THE WISDOM OF UNITY is an attempt to explain how each and every one of us can practically turn our Exile into Redemption! How we can use DAAS to begin to rebuild The Holy Temple! To receive a link to listen to part 1 of this series  What Do You Do When The Lights Go Out  just like this post and Bez"H my dear friend and assistant Adam will send you a link.  It's also possible to receive via the Living Aligned Whatsapp group.  If you are interested in how to learning more about how you can be involved please leave a comment here and Adam will contact you ASAP.  LET'S BUILD THE HOUSE OF HASHEM
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