The Hidden Secret of the Tabernacle & Life
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The Tabernacle with all it's components properly in place aligns with Divinity in order to draw down a Divine Presence in the physical world.   But the most important ingredient that we really don't learn about until the very end is Humility.  The magic of the building hinges on the humility of Moshe and his brother Aaron.    Each and every person has the potential of being like the sanctuary.  As the verse says Makes for Me a sanctuary.  And I will dwell in THEM.  Each and every person is a potential receptacle for the Divine Presence. We are connectors by nature, but we have to be aligned in order to do our job.  Just like the tabernacle, humility is the secret ingredient.   I'd like to share with you a NEW way to look at this amazing structure called the tabernacle through the eyes of Rebbe Nachman, Torah 70, in Likutei Moharan
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