Don't Shoot the Mailman, He's the MESS-ENDER
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How does one "clean up" the mess? First, don't shoot the messenger he's really the MESS-ENDER! Then the EGO will resist formulating a QUESTION. Because without a Question you'll never get an Answer........
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Published 06/16/22
Rosh Chodesh Nissan is a great gift! In order that you value this present and receive it with great joy, like the joy of the first day of creation...... Please listen to this Podcast  THE GREAT RESET
Published 03/31/22
After regaining consciousness from a near death experience, the son Rebbe Yehosua ben Levi related to his father that he saw an Upside Down World! The Creator's wisdom is beyond the normal logic of most people. One of the most fascinating aspects of his Cosmic ways is the secret of Tikun...
Published 03/24/22