It's hard for the mind to grasp how such a great tragedy happened at such a holy and happy celebration. The Ramchal teaches that knowing the "Way of God" brings elation and helps one elevate unnecessary suffering.  In honor of the 45 Holy Souls and the Yartzeit of the Ramchal, the 26th of Iyar Foundation of Foundations!
Published 05/05/21
In the midst of the mourning over the students of Rebbe Akiva we turn on the music to celebrate LagB'omer?! What's the secret of Rebbe Shimon Bar Yochai and The Joy of Lag B'Omer?!
Published 04/28/21
How does one "clean up" the mess? First, don't shoot the messenger he's really the MESS-ENDER! Then the EGO will resist formulating a QUESTION. Because without a Question you'll never get an Answer........
Published 04/22/21
The Creator wants to connect with you! The problem is that our inner space is full of negative emotional baggage. Life is like a cleaning process. If you want to experience the Joy of Life Consider Cleaning Up Your Room!
Published 04/14/21
The first of the 4 Questions on the Seder Night is really....  If bread is so problematic on Pesach why do we order pizza the minute after we make Havdalah over beer. And if Matzah is so Holy why should we ever eat leavened bread?! The Sfas Emes brings together a collage of ideas from Tzadikim to help us understand the deeper meaning of why we eat Matzah on Pesach and why pizza is so holy!
Published 03/18/21
Your real nature is to achieve Divine connection! If you're not feeling good be open to tweaking things be open to change. Rebbe Nachman said with great conviction "The most important thing is DON'T GIVE UP!"
Published 03/12/21
Normally, when joyfully dancing our pain and sorrow stands aloof on the sidelines. In honor of the Yartzeit of the Holy Tzadik Rebbe Elimelech here's a colorful story that shows us how to catch our depression and bring it into the dance making it the center of our celebration!
Published 03/04/21
It's a great Mitzvah to always be happy says Rebbe Nachman! But what if I'm depressed? There's an idea that in our days the only way back to real joy is through Joking around! This practical daily advice is the Mystical secret of the clowning around of Purim!  L'chaim 🍷
Published 02/25/21
The Tabernacle with all it's components properly in place aligns with Divinity in order to draw down a Divine Presence in the physical world.   But the most important ingredient that we really don't learn about until the very end is Humility.  The magic of the building hinges on the humility of Moshe and his brother Aaron.    Each and every person has the potential of being like the sanctuary.  As the verse says Makes for Me a sanctuary.  And I will dwell in THEM.  Each and every person...
Published 02/23/21
In the story of The Exchanged Children Rebbe Nachman teaches that often it appears that life's not fair, why is this happening! But the life of a victim is a great option. A moment of clarity can cause a paradigm shift, The Almighty is in charge. All of this had to happen for you to become The Prince.
Published 02/17/21
How in the world does one practice presence in the craziness of a busy life?! Especially in the mists of a world pandemic! The remedy is Shabbos, when everything is ready and the “Table’s Set”.  Master presence through eating and singing. And then begin to draw the headspace of Shabbos into the craziness of the six days of the week.
Published 02/10/21
Is there any purpose to our anxiety or anger? Often we try and ignore our low level thoughts and emotions much like a parent tries to ignore the ranting of an immature child! If we go with this analogy that Our Thoughts are Our Children, possibly their screaming for you to wake up! Consider letting them guide you in the direction to your higher self!
Published 02/04/21
According to the Arizal there's a simple but profound meditation on the first two words of the morning prayers, Adon Olam. Take out 3 minutes and learn how to center yourself for a great day!
Published 02/02/21
The difficulties of making a living are compared to splitting the sea! Simultaneously Hashem is hardening the heart of Pharoah to chase after the people. Is this really the way life is supposed to be..... There must be a better way!
Published 01/28/21
Hidden inside the image of the Burning Bush was a Divine message to motivate Moshe to assume his mission to redeem the Jews from Exile.  The Sfas Emes teaches us practical advice for each and every one of us to redeem ourselves from our personal exile every Shabbos!   © Rabbi Baruch Gartner SOCIAL MEDIA https://instagram.com/rabbigartner https://facebook.com/RabbiGartner https://twitter.com/rabbigartner   LIVING ALIGNED BOOK: https://amzn.to/2WS08Ib CONSULTATION...
Published 01/20/21
Tax rates and turbulent times are causing many to consider making a move. On one hand Florida looks really attractive, but my heart is in Jerusalem.... Friends are asking me to help them make this major life decision... Here's my answer!!!
Published 01/13/21
Undoubtedly, our biggest problem is what we tell ourselves about our problems!!! The K.I.S.S. principle is a choice that makes life delicious!!!
Published 01/06/21
According to the Zohar, our passions have a 13 year headstart over our Soul. Is that fair? And according to Rebbe Nachman on the day of the Bar Mitzvah, when one becomes aware, all of the sudden we feel far away? Two questions that need answers.....
Published 12/31/20
The Holy Zohar teaches that we all have two ANGELIC forces that accompany us through life. The one on the left indices us constantly, not only that, he got a 13-year headstart over his counterpart on the right! The trick is to understand that even the LEFT side is on your side!   © Rabbi Baruch Gartner   SOCIAL MEDIA https://www.instagram.com/rabbibaruchgartner/ https://facebook.com/RabbiGartner https://twitter.com/rabbigartner LIVING ALIGNED BOOK:...
Published 12/29/20
Judah's suffering pushed him to APPROACH Joseph, who represents the point of truth! From here teaches the Holy Sfas Emes a way for anyone to be used in all difficult situations to allow us to APPROACH God no matter what!
Published 12/23/20
According to Rebbe Nachman's formula and the mystical intentions of the Ari, it might APPEAR to you that things are DARK, but the TRUTH is that the little lights  of Chanukah illuminate the Prison of Darkness.
Published 12/17/20
On the surface the story of Joseph and his brothers looks unfair! Why is this happening to me?! This is a famous question that many of us ask ourselves throughout life.
Published 12/15/20
There is a WAY to God, and those who are already at the portico direct us through the maze. Rebbe Nachman let's us know that these difficulties also happened to him. The most important thing is to HOLD ON MY BELOVED BROTHER! ]]>
Published 12/13/20
A teaching from Rebbe Nachman that reads like a personal letter, full with encouragement is the choice entry point for any beginner. In honor of my soon to be Bar Mitzvah grandson, Shalom Meir, (my newest learning partner) Here's part 1 of a new series Reb Nachman's Letter To You! ]]>
Published 12/09/20
Teaches the Holy Baal Shem Tov, the transgressions are not as bad as what you tell yourself about the transgression! The same is true about trauma and abuse. We need a system of JUSTICE to REPROCESS these emotions that are lodged into our subconscious...... ]]>
Published 12/02/20