What will be the peak prime year of the Nikola Jokic - Jamal Murray Denver Nuggets?
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The Denver Nuggets just won an NBA championship going 16-4 through the playoffs and dominating every team they faced. But was that the absolute prime of the Jokic-Murray era or are their brightest days still ahead? Plus, which teams will rise and which teams will fall out West? Learn more about your ad choices. Visit podcastchoices.com/adchoices
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The Nuggets lose to the Clippers for the first time in the last tries and just their 2nd loss with Jamal Murray in the lineup. Jokic goes 9/32 in his worst shooting performance EVER. Score early this NFL season with FanDuel, America’s Number One Sportsbook! Right now, NEW customers get ONE...
Published 12/07/23
Nikola Jokic is not new to crazy advanced stats numbers. Two seasons ago he set the all-time single-season high for box plus-minus. Last season he put up the 3rd best BPM of all time. But this year, Jokic is setting an entirely new bar for the advance metrics. What do those stats tell us about...
Published 12/06/23