Gravy on Ya Mama
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ONE YEAR OF STREAMS! But we've got something big in the works.. This week, we're talking about an oyster pandemic, unintentional internet fame, Yung Gravy dating your mom, droughts sucking up China's rivers, fake clouds, and the disturbing growth of artificial intelligence. All. This. Week. Tune in!! See for privacy information.
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This week on the Lone Lobos podcast, Xolo Maridueña and Jacob Bertrand delve into the spiritual realm. Join us as they explore the world of Tarot cards, discuss vivid dreams involving departed loved ones, and the art of lucid dreaming. Jacob also shares a anecdote about ants, while Xolo recounts...
Published 09/19/23
We kick off this week’s episode of the Lone Lobos podcast with the team trying some canned salmon. Xolo Maridueña talks about his experience at the LAFC game with Selena Gomez and his Thai restaurant adventure. Also, Jacob Bertrand asks for girl advice and expresses his desire to name his future...
Published 09/12/23