On this episode, I got one of my real Day 1s with me for his 1st real podcast and promoting his new music, Talibann Ytaichi. Talking about breaking records with Nunes v Pena and Steph Curry, brain chips could be ready in 2022, Chipotle is now making merch, another Florida Man story and more For more content, social media links, videos, merch and more, go to www.looplogicpod.com Follow the artist on Instagram @ytaichix and find his music on YouTube and Apple Music under "Talibann Ytaichi"
Published 12/31/21
On this episode, I'm here with HotHead Hunna, artist and member of Loop Lyfe Ent. Talks about being kicked out of 6th grade for rapping, the rumored beef between him and 4Way members, losing a father figure to a life sentence, promoting his upcoming project, "Just The Beginning" coming in 2022 and more! For all social media info, content, videos, merch and more, go to www.looplogicpod.com Follow HotHead Hunna on Instagram @gutthagang_007 and for snippets, follow him @hothead_hunna on...
Published 12/18/21
Published 12/18/21
On this episode, we have Chris Benzo for his first time on the podcast. Talking about his return to music after a year hiatus with a new project "Before U Go", the meaning behind the title, being raised in Maryland and living in Florida, his mental state and using the power within yourself. Also, a class action lawsuit for Travis Scott's Astroworld and is he in your Top 25, school staff gives lap dance, orange chocolate mayonnaise, Arby's new vodka and more Follow the podcast on IG...
Published 12/08/21
On this episode, we have Denno Non-Hu, underground artist of Florida with his first time on a podcast. Discussing topics such as the Korean horror series, Squid Game, R. Kelly faces life in prison, an NBA player trying to start a rap career, who is Bishop Sycamore, fake pilot resigns and more LIKE our page at "Logic Podcast" on Facebook and FOLLOW us on Instagram @looplogicpod FOLLOW the guest on Instagram @dennononhu and LISTEN to his latest song, Fine As F**k on Soundcloud...
Published 10/05/21
On this episode, I'm back with Dennis Tha Menace having our 3rd discussion om conspiracy theories. Talking about mandated vaccines and endemics, the social credit score system, paid terrorists for laws, whats really going on in the UN building, what is Ivermectin and more! Remember to like, share and subscribe! Follow the podcast on Instagram @looplogicpod and Like our page on Facebook at "Loop Logic Podcast" Merch, videos and more available at https://www.looplogicpod.com New Merch...
Published 09/17/21
On this episode, i'm with one of my best friends, Beni Shanna, having another real conversation. We discuss Da Baby's rant at Rolling Loud, nurse uses her own vaccine for Covid patients, landlord shootout, can you taste color and more Follow the podcast on Instagram: @looplogicpod LIKE the podcast page on Facebook: Loop Logic Podcast For more content, info, merch, etc, go to https://www.looplogicpod.com
Published 08/17/21
On this episode, back on the Loop, we have Infinitejah on the show speaking on hometown support and staying focused on your craft. Kanye West dropping his album, "Donda", Louis Vuitton's new bluetooth speaker, a man who loves horses, another Florida Man story and more Go to https://www.looplogicpod.com for all Loop content, links, merch and more Follow @masterpurple on Instagram, on Soundcloud at "Infinitejah", and visit his website at https://www.vonniah.com
Published 07/27/21
On this episode, I talk to the listeners about the wave of becoming a business owner. Since the beginning of 2019 and mostly through the pandemic, there has been a huge amount of small businesses being created. Some created strictly for income and some created for the future, but who will last to see their days of success? Are you in the business a for moment or for a milestone? Follow the podcast on Instagram @looplogicpod and our Facebook page at Loop Logic Podcast. Visit our website at...
Published 07/06/21
On this episode, for his first time on the pod, we have GSK Trippers. Talking about Paul v Mayweather and his brother’s next opponent. Lil Yachty’s nail polish company, bodybuilder cheats on his sex doll wife, waking up before death and more Find all podcast content, merchandise, vlogs and more at www.looplogicpod.com and remember to subscribe wherever you listen! Follow GSK Trippers on Instagram @gsk.trippers and find his music on SoundCloud here...
Published 06/12/21
On this episode, with Dennis Tha Menace, for part 2 of episode 81. Talking about comedy movies are on a downfall, Nicki and Safaree beef, quotes from James Patterson’s book “Beyond Order” and more Follow the podcast on Facebook at Loop Logic Podcast or on Instagram @looplogicpod. For more content, merch, etc, visit www.looplogicpod.com
Published 05/26/21
On this episode, i'm talking about Blueface's embarrassing Twitch moment, a Chinese rocket mishap could be dangerous for the U.S., Paul vs Mayweather, a black man slaved for 5 years and more
Published 05/11/21
On this episode, I’m with guy Dennis Tha Menace discussing a range of topics. Is YOLO a good motto, the result of censorship, Is there any care for men in the world, FWBs, what not to do when smashing and more Find all your LLP content at https://linktr.ee/LoopLogic96
Published 04/28/21
On this episode, I'm here with Shanna B. for her second time on the pod. Discussing Paul Pierce and ESPN, The Rock for 2024, what is Triphallia, a private pollution problem, Florida Man stories and more
Published 04/21/21
On this episode I’m back again with Dennis Tha Menace. Discussing Bhad Bhabie’s OnlyFans, YouTube censorship, living for the moment, friends with benefits and we give the listeners our own Sex Ed lesson Check out our website https://looplogicpodcast.square.site/ Follow the podcast on IG/Facebook: @looplogicpod/Loop Logic Podcast
Published 04/13/21
On this episode, 4Way Mon comes to the Loop, as we chop it up in this long awaited interview. Talking about his next album, Andromeda, living in Japan as a kid, a local rapper being an influence on his music, his definition of love and hate and we play a game of ‘Know The Lyrics’ Subscribe to the YouTube Channel for pod films, vlog episodes and more content will drop Wednesdays @ 5pm! https://youtube.com/channel/UC-AdBCjS1gNvEjwa2UOvvvw Follow the podcast on IG/Facebook: @looplogicpod/Loop...
Published 03/30/21
On this episode, I’m back with the management of Loop Lyfe Records, Korron J. Speaking on Bow Wow and Soulja Boy beefing with the WWE, teaching “how to be manly” in classrooms, deepfaking, Hasbro going gender neutral and more Loop Lyfe Party/Performances March 20, 2021 9PM-TIL Follow @looplyferecords on IG for more info Follow Korron J. on IG: @korronjames Follow the podcast on IG/Facebook: @looplogicpod/Loop Logic Podcast
Published 03/16/21
On this episode, I’m here with Dennis Tha Menace, discussing many different topics like MMA vs boxing and upcoming UFC matches. How things are overhyped on the internet, drinking stories, is foreplay necessary for sex? What could I post on OnlyFans and more. REMEMBER TO LIKE, SHARE, COMMENT AND SUBSCRIBE!! Follow the podcast on IG/Facebook: @looplogicpod/Loop Logic Podcast
Published 03/04/21
On this episode, with the artist XanyBoiNord giving the latest on Loop Lyfe Records Valentines Day show and more. Also, speaking on HoneyKomb Brazy’s crazy situation and Lauryn Hill going diamond. Is Lebron mooching off Brady’s legacy, living on an asteroid belt and a familiar Florida name releasing a documentary. Follow the podcast on Instagram/Facebook: @looplogicpod/LoopLogicPodcast & REMEMBER TO SUBSCRIBE TO OUR YOUTUBE CHANNEL!!! Follow Loop Lyfe on Instagram: @looplyferecords...
Published 02/23/21
On this episode, I'm here with Dennis Tha Menace, and Jonny Rage comes back to the Loop. Speaking on new sexual allegations with T.I. & Tiny, Super Bowl LV: GOAT or goner, could transgender laws be a start to censorship, OnlyFans getting out of control, bullet ant rituals and more Follow the podcast on Instagram @looplogicpod and click the link in my bio to go subscribe to our YouTube channel
Published 02/06/21
On this episode, i'm bringing in the year of 2021 with Dennis Tha Menace. Having a conversation on the start of the Biden/Harris Era, police being undercover MAGA supporters, cartoons we shouldn't have watched as kids, are movies unfolding our future, a banned message from COVID doctors and more Remember to go watch the New Year's Day Interview ft. XanyBoiNord & Kojak, exclusively on the Loop Logic Podcast YouTube Channel!! https://youtu.be/uT0-wq-Hx2k REMEMBER TO LIKE, SUBSCRIBE,...
Published 01/26/21
On this episode, i'm with Elijah B. again having a discussion on topics such as the new COVID vaccines and its side effects, the future of fask masks, Jake Paul vs Nate Robinson, a bodybuilder marries a doll, Kobe Bryant's mom in-law suing her daugther and more. Remember to check our merch & come shop with Tha Loop: looplogicpodcast.square.site Follow the podcast on IG/Facebook: @looplogicpod/Loop Logic Podcast Follow the guest on IG: @elijahhh_98
Published 12/22/20
On this episode, I'm with Dennis Tha Menace and XanyBoiNord. Having a crazy conversation on things from universal income, living in a hivemind and sexuality and diversity on TV to crazy Florida animals, stories from when Dennis lived in Pennsylvania and more Follow the podcast on IG/Facebook: @looplogicpod/Loop Logic Podcast Follow XanyBoiNord on IG/Soundcloud: @xanyboinord/ XanyBoiNord
Published 12/15/20
On this episode, I have a small, short talk with Dennis Tha Menace. Speaking on the 2020 vision being divided, The Social Dilemma and it's AI, the USA being the "city of sin", is it better to live with or without the media and what do we really believe in? Follow the podcast on IG/Facebook: @looplogicpod/Loop Logic Podcast, Share and Remember to check out our Square site on Instagram for merch!
Published 12/01/20