LLP Ep. 88- The "It" Factor
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On this episode, I'm back with Dennis Tha Menace having our 3rd discussion om conspiracy theories. Talking about mandated vaccines and endemics, the social credit score system, paid terrorists for laws, whats really going on in the UN building, what is Ivermectin and more! Remember to like, share and subscribe! Follow the podcast on Instagram @looplogicpod and Like our page on Facebook at "Loop Logic Podcast" Merch, videos and more available at New Merch Dropping In October!!!
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On this episode, I sit down with LaCross Rozaray aka Cross for the first time in a deep discussion. Talking about his hometown of Miami in comparison to the Central Florida area, how Central Florida is a powerhouse for music, writing his first lyrics in 3rd grade, new rock album on the way and...
Published 01/25/22
Published 01/25/22
On this episode, I got one of my real Day 1s with me for his 1st real podcast and promoting his new music, Talibann Ytaichi. Talking about breaking records with Nunes v Pena and Steph Curry, brain chips could be ready in 2022, Chipotle is now making merch, another Florida Man story and more For...
Published 12/31/21