Anal Thermometers
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Don't let the name put you off. Paul talks to his ex-cop dad, John, about a bizarre case involving a woman somehow shutting off most of Sydney's power supply. In one of Paul's favourite episodes of the entire series, this strange series of tales will feature more than just anal thermometers. But just so we're clear... it'll have those, too. Don't forget to grab tickets to the FIRST EVER LOOSE UNITS LIVE SHOW! Available here: For information regarding your data privacy, visit
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Hear the thrilling conclusion to our first ever live Loose Units, where Paul and John Verhoeven do true crime for a sol-out crowd at Toff in Town! Fun fact: they're doing an even bigger, more epic live show at Giant Dwarf on the 11th of October! Don't miss out: grab your tix now right here:...
Published 09/16/19
Paul and John bring Loose Units LIVE to Melbourne! In part one of this epic two-parter, they do Loose Units for a sold-out crowd from the Toff in Town, and ask the big questions: how does autoerotic asphyxiation work? What is that yellow stuff on the ceiling? And can our audience solve a...
Published 09/09/19
On this week's episode, John and Paul talk about something hard. Something... VERY hard. A series of grisly thefts from a morgue leads to a discussion about some of the fiddlier elements of forensics, and John reveals to Paul exactly what kind of a cop he'd have made if he'd made a run at it. ...
Published 09/02/19