The first few series were great but it has evolved into self-indulgent rants. Time to wrap it up
wmu via Apple Podcasts · Australia · 11/17/20
Just found this show & cannot wait to binge! Starting with Season 1 & the car wash story is hysterical 😂
Brit from Atlanta via Apple Podcasts · United States of America · 11/14/20
This is my new favorite podcast. Having worked for SA Ambulance for 30+ years this podcast is my new addiction can relate to so many stories. I have a great respect for those that work with those that have worked in Policing . Love to rapport that John and Paul have between them, have almost...Read full review »
kimsher67 via Apple Podcasts · Australia · 11/07/20
Can’t tell you how much I’m loving this, not just for the amazing content - I love your relationship! My dad was a storyteller too and how I wish we’d had the chance to capture the tales like you are doing. Great work Paul and John!
Son306 via Apple Podcasts · Australia · 10/27/20
Five stars
Mel from nsw via Apple Podcasts · Australia · 10/20/20
Please Paul let your dad talk without all the interruptions!... when it’s a riveting subject and we the listeners want all the info you break the thread of the story! I can’t listen to some of these stories as they are just too gruesome!
Clabady via Apple Podcasts · Australia · 10/19/20
This is drivel. I can’t listen. It’s story telling at a non scientific, grotesque and .... there is an Aussie word. It’s starts with w and ends in k. Awful.
trexmonster via Apple Podcasts · Australia · 10/15/20
I love you guys and have raved about you to anyone who will listen but after listening to “What’s in the box?” I was shook. I don’t know why you wouldn’t have taken the remains to your pulverising machine so the entirety of this poor boys remains could be with his family? And you clearly feel...Read full review »
nodeviceconnected via Apple Podcasts · Australia · 10/03/20
John tells some amazing stories however Paul is terrible with reactions and asking questions that make you shout “shut the hell up and let him tell the story”!
LTLFTR2 via Apple Podcasts · Australia · 09/30/20
I can’t get enough of Loose Units. Be prepared to hear absolutely anything from 1980s true crime fighter and his son
NicJo2 via Apple Podcasts · Australia · 09/29/20
Two men, relatives who share an endearing rapport taking us on a journey to many places always ending back steeped in respect for each other. You make the world a better place.
Greenhoodorchid via Apple Podcasts · Australia · 09/24/20
Two weeks after finding the series have run out. The way this family interacts in such a easy relaxed manner makes each episode fly. Can’t wait till Paul says “have I told you this” or “here’s something I haven’t told you this before”. So many thanks for the stories which make you laugh, cringe,...Read full review »
13marvin via Apple Podcasts · Australia · 09/20/20
I have been a fan from the beginning but with today’s episode, you have lost your way. Finding the most disturbing material from Iceland is gratuitous irrelevant content off topic, and not what we expect from this podcast
jixhix via Apple Podcasts · Australia · 09/17/20
I’m true crime obsessed. Johns stories are fascinating and I love hearing them. But sometimes an episode will finish and I will have no idea what it was about, as Paul constantly interrupts and asks stupid questions that aren’t even remotely relevant, or funny, and the storyline just disappears....Read full review »
Amy Walder via Apple Podcasts · Australia · 09/17/20
Paul and John offer an incredible podcast jam-packed with unbelievably amazing real life tales of John’s time in various occupations. Their father-son banter is both humorous and heartfelt amidst the sometimes harrowing (yet utterly enthralling) stories that have made up John’s working life. A...Read full review »
BreeMateljan via Apple Podcasts · Australia · 09/16/20
This is seriously my favourite podcast of all time!
savivarls via Apple Podcasts · Australia · 09/15/20
So articulate and well delivered. I have a question for you. Why doesn’t John narrate the books (audio)? Is it because it’s not written in the first person?
Reidygoes7 via Apple Podcasts · Australia · 09/13/20
He’s dry and hilarious.
Nestingmum via Apple Podcasts · Australia · 09/09/20
Just started this podcast 2 days ago.14 episodes in and just loving it. Love the rapport between John and Paul great job guys . Rest work
tashbeck via Apple Podcasts · Australia · 09/05/20
The way this father and son bounce off each other is gold. Clearly the best podcast ever
whyhaventiwonyet via Apple Podcasts · Australia · 09/05/20
Enjoying your authentic interesting stories. Binge worthy 💯
bbsilk via Apple Podcasts · Australia · 09/04/20
Began as an enjoyable podcast. Deteriorated into self indulgent inanity and promotion. John where is your EMPATHY? You are talking about personal loss and many of the relatives and friends are possibly still alive. Show some of the compassion you profess to have.
Kaye54 via Apple Podcasts · Australia · 09/03/20
Your father is just soooo entertaining I love listening to Him
pathrina via Apple Podcasts · Australia · 09/02/20
These guys don’t let the truth get in the way way of a good story. They run very close to the defamation boundary.
lknyfr via Apple Podcasts · Australia · 09/02/20
What an awesome listen every week.
Boobsarefkngreat via Apple Podcasts · Australia · 09/02/20
Only just started listening after hearing your interviews on Australian True Crime I must have been living under a rock for the past two years if you’re not already listening stop reading this review and start listening
Cody McQ via Apple Podcasts · Australia · 09/01/20
Too wordy and far from brilliant. Two dudes in love with the sound of their own voice.
Jenkinsdraws via Apple Podcasts · Canada · 08/28/20
I loved season 1, but season 2 has deteriorated into a mess of self indulgent, inane drivel ! Waffling on about Twitter accounts or utes ? Really ? Unsubscribing
WombatWayne via Apple Podcasts · Australia · 08/27/20
Had to unsubscribe. Use to be alright but slowly just because 5 minutes of actual content the other is just waffle, book plugs and talking about themselves. I wish they would remember people are listening to it for the stories not for them thats why its a podcast and not a tv show.
Bored listener 123 via Apple Podcasts · Australia · 08/25/20
I could listen to the dad’s stories all day, brilliant. Just adore him. One star off for the son’s relentless promoting, though.
x.catherine.x via Apple Podcasts · United States of America · 08/20/20
Oh Tegan please stay home ! A number of years ago when tapes were still popular I was at a funeral when a private porno movie somehow ended up being played instead of a family tape. Best funeral ever.
pungooer via Apple Podcasts · Australia · 08/10/20
I bought the books, first one came and I read it in a day. Can not wait for Electric Blue. Such a compliment to the podcast. Very well written Paul.
Beagles r cool via Apple Podcasts · Australia · 07/29/20
Love these guys and their chats!
Susanne.M via Apple Podcasts · Australia · 07/28/20
It used to be ok when I wished Paul would shush and just let his father speak without inane interruptions. Now it’s got to the point where I don’t want to listen to John either. What was a reasonable podcast is no longer. I can’t put my finger on it, look at me, how great are we, smut, fake...Read full review »
qwertyjafx via Apple Podcasts · Australia · 07/24/20
Love these two. If you ever get a chance to see them live, do it!
Joshrdgvd via Apple Podcasts · Australia · 07/21/20
This is the only podcast I wait for religiously each week. The banter between dad and son is enviable. Hilarious, heartfelt, meaningful and educational. Keep it up forever!
duckbrain 2.0 via Apple Podcasts · Australia · 07/18/20
I’ll often choose this podcast to listen on my long solo bush runs. I’ve found as the podcast episodes go on John talks about himself way too much and the off on a tangent stuff super annoying. Wish Paul would guide him back on track more often and stick to the topic at hand rather than having to...Read full review »
Kate in Sydney via Apple Podcasts · Australia · 07/16/20
Great stories and insights into a whole world of topics, not just the police/ fire service etc. Great fun. Come and join the loose units family!
the_flyingchef via Apple Podcasts · Great Britain · 07/15/20
This podcast is one of my favourites! I love getting first hand stories that you wouldn't hear anywhere else. I think John is very good at not telling sensitive details to protect the families involved whilst still giving the interesting details of the story or case. Love listening to it...Read full review »
Demi96 via Apple Podcasts · Australia · 07/15/20
Such a great podcast. I can’t get enough of these two and really look forward to the release of their next book. Keep the amazing stories coming =)
Fitti1985 via Apple Podcasts · Australia · 07/09/20
I have listened to every episode and read Paul’s book. These. Are. Great. I’m disheartened by some of the reviews saying that johns stories aren’t for him to tell or are insensitive. This podcast is simply not for them. John has a part in every story. They’re also his stories..I Praise you for...Read full review »
mausy12 via Apple Podcasts · Australia · 07/09/20
Do you think it is fair on the family of that child to tell the story of his father at the funeral?
figwrop via Apple Podcasts · Australia · 07/08/20
Enough said
Skaterlady20001599 via Apple Podcasts · Australia · 07/06/20
Your recent episodes on Bullying & Suicides... solid conversation, men. Keep ‘em coming.
craignf via Apple Podcasts · Australia · 07/03/20
I can’t put my finger on it but it’s not easy to listen to and just a lot of babble.
monkinoz via Apple Podcasts · Australia · 06/30/20
Really liked the show when it first started and the old fella had some humility about himself. As the show has progressed, Dad's poorly judged view of how entertaining his deliberate waffle is, has ruined it for me.Read full review »
Feeling Welcome via Apple Podcasts · Australia · 06/29/20
I love Loose Units
Hkhbrhhfb via Apple Podcasts · Australia · 06/25/20
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