Princes and Pivots - Episode 240
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It's no secret that there are a ton of bombs in Crimson VOW. But what does that mean in terms of your approach to drafting the format? Your hosts are here this week to look at the different ways to navigate drafts in VOW and what concessions you should or shouldn't be making based on whether or not you start with a bomb! Draft 1:  Draft 2: Draft 3:
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We're sending off Innistrad: Crimson Vow in classic Lords of Limited fashion with our 50 Takes episode! We're talking gold uncommon power rankings, powerful rares, color balance, The Golden Egg Award, and much, much more!
Published 01/24/22
We're talking more things MTG Arena Cube this week while we wait for Neon Dynasty to come out in a few weeks. We take a look at the start of three different drafts as a springboard for discussion on what cards define certain archetypes, what cards have raw power, and what cards are...
Published 01/17/22
Published 01/17/22