Class is in Session - Episode 201
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With a full weekend of drafting under their belt, your hosts are here to give you our first impressions of what Strixhaven Limited has to offer. We discuss our thoughts on Learn/Lessons, Magecraft (aka Bencraft), review all 5 colleges, specific over/under performers, and finish things off with a roundtable! Draft Log: 
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Ethan's return to the podcast has him trying his best to catch-up on the format and pick Ben's brain with a lot of questions. We then discuss a general approach to navigating drafts in MID and put that into practice with a couple of roundtable deep dives! Draft Log 1:...
Published 09/27/21
Episode 228 is here after the first weekend of playing with Innistrad: Midnight Hunt, and we've broken the format wide open. Dimir Zombies is the best deck in the format, and it is hungry for brains! We go over the big picture concepts of how to win in the format, overperforming cards, and rerank...
Published 09/21/21
We're welcoming in the newest limited format the only way we know how to on LOL: The Crash Course! Join us as we look through big picture concepts like creatures vs. removal, archetype support, incidental lifegain, flying and of course our top commons and uncommons in each color! Grading...
Published 09/13/21