Gold Stars and Demerits - Episode 205
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Now that we're a month into our semester at Strixhaven, we're ready to hand out Gold Stars and Demerits to our big overperformers and underperformers. Where did we go wrong in our evaluations? What cards have surprised us the most? And where have we landed on the top commons for each college? All this and more in this week's episode! Roundtable: 
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We're welcoming in the newest limited format the only way we know how to on LOL: The Crash Course! Join us as we look through big picture concepts like creatures vs. removal, archetype support, incidental lifegain, flying and of course our top commons and uncommons in each color! Grading...
Published 09/13/21
With Innistrad: Midnight Hunt right around the corner, your hosts are taking a deep dive on all the commons and uncommons previewed so far to try to get a sense of what to expect from this upcoming draft format in terms of mechanics, archetypes, build arounds, and more!
Published 09/06/21
We're kicking off September with our monthly bonus episode dedicated entirely to the newly redesigned Tinkerer's Cube on MTGA! This cube captured the hearts and imaginations of both your hosts immediately and we're here to share everything we know about winning and having fun in this extremely...
Published 09/05/21