Drafting Around the Worlds - Episode 232
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High stakes limited play is back with the opening day drafts at the World Championship! Ben & Ethan break down the two featured drafters, PVDDR and Seth Manfield, and go pick by pick in their two difficult seats! PVDDR: https://magicprotools.com/draft/show?id=sN9NGcXduyr6zNYUKWrOIf9uH-w  Seth: https://magicprotools.com/draft/show?id=yRCun5IyEgAk_OPecwKQjSeffiQ  Between Packs: https://imgur.com/a/HekvYlC 
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It's no secret that there are a ton of bombs in Crimson VOW. But what does that mean in terms of your approach to drafting the format? Your hosts are here this week to look at the different ways to navigate drafts in VOW and what concessions you should or shouldn't be making based on whether or...
Published 11/29/21
Published 11/24/21